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00:31 How did you form The Rasmus?
02:17 How do you feel about the success of "In The Shadows" when you look at this period of your career from today's perspective?
04:24 Do you have any special memories from performing at the Rock'n Coke festival in Turkey?
05:30 How did you decide to enter the Finnish national final UMK?
07:23 Do you have any favorite Eurovision songs from the past, maybe from Finland?
08:43 What is the message of your Eurovision song "Jezebel"?
10:04 Can you tell us more about the message behind your music video to "Jezebel"?
11:13 Can you give us some details regarding your staging for Eurovision?
13:04 Final message
We spoke with Lauri Ylönen who is the lead singer of The Rasmus and will represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with their song "Jezebel". We talked about the meaning of their Eurovision song, their memories of visiting Turkey, their new stage concept for Eurovision, and about their hit single "In The Shadows".

INTERVIEW • The Rasmus ( watch video

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