Music Vlog 15: Aimyon - Futaba Cover (Short Film)

Earlier this year Aimyon released a new single, Futaba. Once I had listened to the song, I fell in love with it immediately. Then I saw the 18fest version, I loved it even more. The song has inspired me to grab my guitar and learn how to play.

The day that decided to perform Futaba was April 26th which was my birthday and that was how I would like to celebrate it.

As you can see through the video, the chords progression in this song were not simple for me (Even now I still cannot play it well). But I was glad that did this video in term of short movie (Also inspired by the Japanese movie, Farewell Song. The movie is about 2 friends formed a band and had a tour around Japan.

Many thanks to the Wisdom Valley that allowed me to fulfill my birthday wish
If anybody were to travel to Thailand and get a chance to stop by at this place, I would really recommend it. It has got a great scenic view, restaurants, cafes, it is pet friendly. It even has a skate park! A Trail! A lake! Sometimes they have live music performing in the evening.

And you have a chance to watch this video, I hope you love it!

Music Vlog 15: Aimyon - Futaba Cover (Short Film) watch video

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