EUROVISION SEMI FINAL 1 Reaction: I have some things to say...

Wow I have a lot to say! Eurovision 2022 is upon us and the first of the semi finals definitely left me with a few opinions...see if you agree!

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00:00 Introduction
01:17 Albania
02:40 Latvia
03:43 Lithuania
04:52 Switzerland
06:12 Slovenia
08:01 Ukraine
09:51 Bulgaria
11:10 The Netherlands
12:23 Moldova
14:12 Portugal
15:12 Croatia
16:17 Denmark
17:43 Austria
18:42 Iceland
19:59 Greece
21:02 Norway
22:28 Armenia
23:34 Discussion
23:45 Confirmed Finalists
24:28 My Opinion
26:21 Conclusion

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EUROVISION SEMI FINAL 1 Reaction: I have some things to say... watch video

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