The Rasmus-"Jezebel" (Acoustic)

I've read a lot of horrible comments regarding Lauri Ylönen's voice when he performed with The Rasmus in Amsterdam. If you don't have anything nice to say, then shut the fuck up. My siblings in The Rasmus are going to the semi finals and they need your love and support. They don't need you to tear anyone down. Also, I call The Rasmus my siblings because they have been saving my life from depression and suicide since I was 12 years old (on the day that "In The Shadows" came out). I don't know the band personally (although i wish i did). The Rasmus will always be my favorite band and Lauri Ylönen will always be my favorite singer, and they will always be one of the most important parts of my life and my perhe/family. Lauri sounds just as amazing now as he did when he first started The Rasmus. The Amsterdam performance that they did was just party to celebrate the winners of each country. I understand that Lauri's voice has gone through a lot of changes throughout his career but, just please don't disrespect him. It's not easy for any singer to keep up their voice at the level that Lauri keeps it at. This video proves that Lauri can sing. You're not a real fan if you're going to disrespect my siblings in any way. Rakastan sinua aina ja ikuisesti The Rasmus ja Lauri Ylönen

The Rasmus-"Jezebel" (Acoustic) watch video

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