[GAME SIZE] Wonderlands x Showtime Goodbye Sengen/グッバイ宣言 歌詞 Color Coded Lyrics プロセカ

Song title: Goodbye Sengen (グッバイ宣言, Goodbye Declaration)
►COVER Information
Covered by Wonderlands x Showtime
From Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! feat. Hatsune Miku Game
►ORIGINAL SONG Information
Original Singer(s): flower
Arranger: Chinozo
Composer: Chinozo
Lyricist: Chinozo
►TRANSLATION Information
English translation by aquariantwin
Translation Notes from translator
(1): The Japanese version of the line switches from a casual masculine to a formal gender-neutral personal pronoun.
(2): Lit. “bloom out of season”

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[GAME SIZE] Wonderlands x Showtime Goodbye Sengen/グッバイ宣言 歌詞 Color Coded Lyrics プロセカ watch video

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