Morgan Wallen Answered a Mother’s Plea for Help

It wasn't a Morgan Wallen song that changed this little boy's life. It was a letter from the singer.

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Morgan Wallen got a note from a mother from Louisiana. Her son Brevin was sorting through some very dark emotions so with help from radio station 97.3 the Dawg she reached out to the singer. He responded in a big, big way.

Andrea wrote, "When you publicly apologized, we sat down together and watched it because YOU are someone he looks up to. The words you said, recognizing your wrong doings & taking accountability of your wrong doings. YOUR ACTIONS MATTER!”

Of course Andrea was referring to Morgan’s use of the N-word in a video first shared on TMZ in January 2021. He would later apologize in an Instagram video. From there, Jude Walker of 97.3 the Dawg says that a member of Morgan’s team approached him during an April 23rd show at the Cajundome, hoping for Andrea’s address. A few days later a FedEx box arrived. Inside was a letter he'll keep forever.

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Morgan Wallen Answered a Mother’s Plea for Help watch video

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